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As a COVID-19 health precaution, the county only allows 10 people inside the Board of Supervisor's April 6 meeting at any one time. A speaker system was set up outside of the Administration Building for the public and employees to hear the proceedings. Left to right are county employees Connie Shockley and Halen Papania.

   All foot traffic and walkthrough public access was restricted at the George County Courthouse and surrounding county offices starting on Monday, April 6 as a precaution against the local spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

   County offices will remain open for essential business through phone, drop box, email, online and traditional mail. Please see the list below for details on each individual county office.

   George County Board of Supervisors: 601-947-7506 / recept@georgecountyms.gov.   

   The County Admin. Bldg. is restricting all public and vendor access through the building while maintaining normal business hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

   A drop basket/table has been placed at the main entrance for small deliveries and inner office mail.

   All county vendors and/or large deliveries must go to the building’s west entrance.

   All staff is available by mail, phone or email for road work requests, household garbage pickup questions, county purchasing requests, personal issues and finance.   

   All scheduled George County Board of Supervisors meetings will still be held at the Admin. Bldg. with health safety precautions.

   Chancery Clerk/Court: 601-947-4801 / cbyrd@georgecountyms.gov.

   The courthouse is restricting all public access and stopping walk up foot traffic to the Chancery Office. The office remains open with normal business hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

   A new drop box is available at the courthouse south entrance (see window at top of steps). Use drop box for land record recordings (deeds, etc.), court filings and tax payments.

   Chancery Court is available to the public for the purpose of emergency filings including custody petitions, affidavits for mental health civil commitments and domestic abuse protection requests.

   The Chancery staff is still processing mail, email, drop box and phone requests for 2017-2018 land taxes, Youth Court and emergency filings.

   Please call the Chancery Clerk’s Office for faster updates on court matters or to contact a judge. Attorneys may file electronically through MEC.

   Search land records at www.georgecountyrecords.com. File a deed at  www.simplifile.com/get  connected . Abstractors call 601-947-4801.

   Circuit Clerk/Court: 601-947-4881 / cwelford@georgecoun tyms.gov.

   The courthouse is restricting all public access. Circuit Clerk Office remains open with normal business hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A check-in table is available at the front doors.

   The Circuit Clerk’s staff is available by traditional mail, phone or email for voter registration, court fillings, fines, etc.

   Marriage licenses for all George County residents are still available (no ceremonies). Issuing of “out-of-state” marriage licenses is temporarily suspended.

   The Circuit Court’s April term has been cancelled. Please call the Circuit Clerk’s Office for updates on all court matters or to contact a judge.

   Emergency Management Office: 601-947-7557 / emadirector@georgecoun tyms.gov.

   Only authorized personnel are allowed into the county’s Emergency Management Office during declared state and local emergencies.

   All staff is available by traditional mail, phone or email.

   Fire Coordinator/911 Addressing: 601-947-7557 / firecoordinator@george countyms.gov.

   The courthouse is restricting all public access and stopping walk up foot-traffic to the Fire Coordinator’s Office.

   The office is remaining open with normal business hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

   All staff is available by traditional mail, phone or email.

   Justice Court: 601-947-4834 / justiceclerk@george countyms.gov.

   The Justice Court Bldg. is limiting all public access but the service window is still open.

   Justice Court is only processing essential court proceedings.

   All residents are encouraged to call or email the staff for court details.

   Sheriff’s Office: 601-947-4811 / gcso@georgecoun tyms.gov.

   The courthouse is restricting all public access. The Sheriff’s Office remains open with normal business hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

   Sheriff’s staff is still processing all mail, email and phone requests.

   All deputies and shifts are reporting for normal operations.

   In case of emergency, call 911.

   Solid Waste Dept.: 601-947-7506

   Currently, all county household garbage collection routes will continue as normal.

   For assistance call the Board’s main phone number.

   Tax Collector: 601-947-7541 / vcarlisle@george countyms.gov.

   The main lobby remains closed. The staff is still processing mail, drop box items (behind the office) and phone requests.

   The drive-thru window is only open for - Vehicle Title Registration, Homestead Exemptions and Mobile Home Title Registrations.

   Residents can go online to make payments for property taxes, car tag renewals and household garbage bills at www.georgecountyms.com

   Veterans Affairs: 601-247-2117.

   The Veterans Office has converted to a “Tele-office” with all calls being forwarded to the Veteran’s Affairs Officer.

   Office hours remain the same: Tuesday and Thursday (8 a.m. to Noon).

   As previously reported, all events at county community centers have been postponed, rescheduled or cancelled through the month of April following the CDC recommendation for groups no larger than 10 people to gather in one location.

   The Governor’s “Shelter-in-Place” Order directing all Mississippians to stay at home is in effective until Monday, April 20, 2020.

   The City of Lucedale’s “Safety Ordinance” and “Curfew” is also now in effect for all city residents, visitors and business owners.

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