Lucedale aldermen were reminded about the City’s unpaid water bill cutoff policy during its regular monthly meeting last Tuesday night.

   “This is not a new policy,” City Clerk Kathy Anderson told the aldermen. “This has been the policy for years.”

   Basically, the policy is customers with two months of delinquent water/sewer/garbage bills are given notice and a cutoff date (i.e. 5:00 p.m., May 15) if at least the oldest bill is not paid.

  If the customer still has not paid one or both of the monthly bills by the cutoff day and time, water service will be discontinued the following day. To have service restored, the customer will have to pay both bills plus a $35 reconnection fee.

   Water bills are sent to city residents by the 29th day of each month, Anderson explained. The customer has until the 10th day of the following month to pay that bill without being assessed a late fee. A second bill not paid by the 10th prompts a discontinuation of service letter, explaining both bills and the reconnection fee will have to be paid if at least one of the bills are not paid by the cutoff date.

   Anderson said the City has been able to keep most of its water bill customers current by strictly adhering to the policy.

   The City has also established a number of convenient ways for people to pay their water/sewer and garbage bills. Customers can, of course, go to City Hall and pay in person or mail in a check. But they may also authorize the City to draft their checking account for easy monthly bill pay. Customers may pay online by going to the City website at, or may pay by phone at 1-800-639-2435.


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