Voters went to the polls on Tuesday and decided to make few changes in the local slate of elected officials. While the General Election to select state and local officeholders is not until November, for much of George County the Primary Election held on Tuesday, August 6, was the big day. Local candidates are all running on the Republican ticket with one Independent for Constable in District 2. For the most part, these candidates will be unopposed in November and sworn into office in January.

   Primary elections are normally decided by less than half of the registered voters, and this year was no exception. Of the county’s 14,814 registered voters, 5,948, or roughly 40 percent, went to the polls.

   Some candidates were unopposed. Sheriff Keith Havard had no challengers, as did Circuit Clerk Chad Welford, County Attorney Joey Griffin or Justice Court Judge for Dist. 1 Mike Bullock.

   There will be a Runoff Election for at least three races.  It takes 50 percent of the votes cast plus one vote for a candidate to be declared the winner.  With only affidavits remaining to be counted by Thursday, it appears there will be a runoff for Coroner between challenger Lynn Fairley and incumbent DeeAnn Murrah. In the race for Constable District One, Glen Ecroyd leads with 40.64 percent to Ricky Cochran’s 32.89 percent. Incumbent Justice Court Judge for District Two Jesse Underwood fell short of a clear victory with 48.12 percent of the vote total to challenger Martin Sieb’s 37.25 percent. This will take place on Tuesday, August 27.

   District One will have a new supervisor in January. Challenger Frankie Massey defeated incumbent Fred Croom with 56.71 percent of the vote to Croom’s 36.26 percent.

   In other supervisor races District 2 incumbent Kelly Wright defeated challenger Gary Carr with 56.82 percent of the vote to Carr’s 43.02 percent. This race was a return match of a race with the same contestants from four years ago with a similar end result.

   In District 3, incumbent Larry McDonald handily defeated a field of three challengers by chalking up just short of 60 percent of the total vote.

   District 4 Supervisor Larry Havard and District 5 Supervisor Henry Cochran did not face serious challenges from their opponents, also avoiding Runoff races. Havard won with 60.32 percent of the vote and Cochran won with 67 percent of the votes cast in his district.


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