George County lands new  Amazon delivery station

   George County is announcing a new partnership with e-commerce powerhouse to bring a delivery station into Lucedale.

   Amazon construction crews will remodel and modernize more than 15,000 square feet of the County’s existing warehouse to receive large truck shipments and break them down into smaller orders for rural delivery.

   The facility will employ 12 to 15 full time employees with benefits and will be in operation by fall 2020. The County warehouse is ideally located inside the city’s industrial corridor with easy access to U.S. Hwy. 98 and MS Hwy. 198.

   It is being located in George County to provide more efficient rural delivery to George, Greene, Perry, the northern part of Jackson and eastern part of Stone counties.

   “We are proud to announce Amazon will be a business in our County. There is no bigger name in e-commerce,” explains Supervisor Larry McDonald, 2020 board president. “There are numerous economic benefits. Of course, this will create new jobs, private investment, but it also diversifies our local economy. This is a new type of commercial business for George County.”

   There is also the key benefit of bringing a business back into the County’s warehouse. Amazon is improving the warehouse’s overhead lighting, storage and office space and major upgrades to the loading docks.   

   The warehouse was built in 1991 through a joint project with the County, City and the State.  The County became the sole owner a few years later purchasing the city’s share. The warehouse served as the main office for three local businesses and regional pipeline storage.

   Community Development Director Ken Flanagan says once the County learned of the “Amazon Lead,” it quickly responded. There were three site visits, environmental testing and a formal access agreement all completed within three months.

   “A big factor in the County landing this delivery site was our ability to rapidly meet Amazon's requests. It was a real team effort with the Supervisors, maintenance and purchasing departments and beat road crews. We all worked together to prepare and organize the warehouse for this project,” Flanagan said.

   County Supervisor Kelly Wright says the County has also made real contacts with Amazon’s development teams through this selection process.

   “This is just the introduction we needed. Amazon has big business plans for the future of commerce and George County could be a part of it. We definitely have some land in our Industrial Park to show them for their next large project. It’s an exciting thought.”  

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