County supervisors approved two wastewater permit applications submitted by Ross Grimball, of Resource Consulting Engineering on Monday. The applications, one to MDOT and one to MDEQ,, seek permission to run a wastewater line from the proposed new Love’s Travel Center at the intersection of Hwy. 98 and Hwy. 198 to the Multimart area where it will connect to the county wastewater system in the Industrial Park.

Grimball, referring to the proposed new travel center as a “Baby Love’s” noted the facility will be somewhat smaller than some other Love’s locations.

The county-owned wastewater system at the Industrial Park connects to the City of Lucedale wastewater treatment system. The effluent is then processed and purified in the City’s lagoon and treatment plant facility.

Love’s Travel Center plans to build a new facility in George County was first announced this past June.

At that time George County Community Development Director Ken Flanagan presented the Board with a letter from Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores stating the company’s intention to build the travel stop featuring separate auto and truck entrances, RV parking stands and hookups, truck and auto fueling, a large convenience store, a franchise restaurant, a dog walking area, showers and a laundry.

While the plan is to build a smaller facility than many of its other locations, the Travel Stop is estimated to cost nine million dollars and employ about 30 full and part-time people.

The proposed wastewater line is estimated to cost $450,000 to construct and will be paid by Love’s. Once constructed, it will become county property.

Flanagan said highway traffic on Hwy. 98 is about 10,000 vehicles per day and one of the deciding factors for Love’s to locate in George County is the anticipated truck traffic serving the new Enviva wood pellet mill.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the applications.

Board president Henry Cochran jokingly told Grimball his vote came with the condition the franchise restaurant was a KFC. Grimball noted he was only an engineer with no control over the selection of a franchise restaurant.

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