The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Mississippi topped 3,000 on Tuesday morning with the most recent Mississippi Department of Health report. The total number of confirmed cases was reported as 3,083, resulting in 111 deaths. That is 145 new cases confirmed since Monday, April 13 and 13 more deaths.

   George County has 10 confirmed cases, up from the eight reported Monday. There have been no deaths in George County. None of those 10 have been hospitalized, at least not hospitalized in George County, according to George Regional Hospital CEO Greg Havard.

   In surrounding counties Greene reports two confirmed cases. Hancock has 46 confirmed cases with five deaths and Harrison has 121 with five deaths. Jackson County reports 157 confirmed cases with five deaths. Pearl River has 98 confirmed cases with eight deaths. Perry has 20 confirmed cases with one death. Stone has 14 confirmed cases and no deaths.

   The good news is the number of new cases and the number of hospitalizations across the state appear to be slowing, according to MDH. The number of new cases reported each day has generally been trending downward since the end of March.

   The greatest number of confirmed cases by age group in Mississippi have been individuals in the 40 – 49 (583 cases, three deaths), 50 – 59 (586 cases, nine deaths), and 60 – 69 (553 cases, 25 deaths). Most, if not all of these, appeared to have underlying health problems.

   The deadliest underlying health problem appears to be cardiovascular disease, with more than 60 deaths; followed by diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

   Data is now indicating blacks are more affected by this disease than whites, with 67 percent of those dying being black and 33 percent white. Women are also apparently more susceptible, with roughly 60 percent of the reported cases being women and only 40 percent being men.

   Only about 29 percent of the reported cases have required hospitalization.

   To date 37,733 Mississippians have been tested for the disease.

   Nationwide, there have been 572,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 23,134 deaths.

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