With the Presidential Election finally behind us, it is now time to start thinking about the Lucedale Municipal election coming up this summer. And for this election, do not expect to see many campaign signs, posters, flyers or billboards. Those just will not be necessary.

The qualifying period for those individuals wanting to run for one of the City offices ended on Friday, February 5th.

The slate of candidates for the April 6 Primary Election will be as follows. On the Republican ticket Doug Lee is running for Mayor. There is no Republican candidate for alderman in Ward 1. James (Jimmy) Redd (incumbent) is running for alderman in Ward 2, Jason Martin (incumbent) for alderman in Ward 3, and Al Jones (incumbent) for alderman in Ward 4. On the Democrat side of the ballot, Carrie Moulds (incumbent) is running for alderman in Ward 1, and Jimmy McDowell is running for alderman in Ward 2. Louis Valentine (incumbent) for alderman-at-large.

Normally there would be an April 6 Primary Election to select a candidate from each party for the respective offices, and if necessary, an April 27 Runoff Election. Without multiple candidates from each party for those races, those two elections are not necessary. There will be only the June 8 General Election.

Barring some unforeseen event, all but the Ward 2 race are already decided. Doug Lee will be unopposed in the mayoral race, Carrie Moulds will retain her seat in the Ward 1 race, Jason Martin will retain his seat in Ward 3, Al Jones will retain his seat in Ward 4, and Louis Valentine will retain his alderman-at-large seat.

The current mayor, Darwin Nelson, has chosen not to run for re-election.

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