George County’s largest water tank now complete

Left to right, back, Sarah Wright, MDA; Doug McLeod, State Rep.; Frank Gracia, Enviva Construction; Clint Pierce, Enviva Lucedale; Rodjer Bourn, Caldwell Tanks; Bob Diamond, Project Engineer; Bill Harlan, MMW; Dennis Debar, State Senator; and Ken Flanagan, Comm. Develop. Front Lindsay Ward, SMPDD, Marilyn Bounds MMW, Frankie Massey, Dist. 1; Rick Frederick, Enviva; Alex Lewis, MMW; Larry McDonald, Dist. 3; Alice Goff (in memory of M.L. Goff); Henry Cochran, Dist. 5; Lee Hedegaard, MMW; Kelly Wright, Dist. 2; Cammie Byrd, Chan. Clerk; and Larry Havard, Dist. 4.

 The largest water tank in George County is now operational in the Multi-Mart Community, standing 160 feet off the ground with a water storage capacity of 500,000 gallons. A ribbon cutting and water valve ceremony officially commemorated the new tank and supporting water pumps on October 8 at Multi-Mart Water System’s (MMW) facility on Highway 198. “A real assortment of folks came together to make this possible,” Supervisor Frankie Massey, District 1 said. “The Board is proud to be a part of this and thankful to MultiMart Water for expanding and providing this water capacity for our Industrial Park. This project has the right balance of short and long term benefits for the entire community.” The primary usage for the new water tank will be to support the day-to-day operations of Enviva’s new $150 million wood pellet plant but the tank will also double residential water storage and increase water pressure throughout the entire system. While installation and construction took less than a year, planning for the new tank and water well began more than six years ago. A vast majority of the project’s funding came through a $1.5 million state grant from the Mississippi Development Authority. The County was awarded the highly competitive grant and was responsible for managing the engineering, construction and financial reimbursement process. “We are very appreciative of all the partners we have had on this project. We appreciate the Board of Supervisors and Enviva. We appreciate all the projects going on within the Industrial Park. It’s been a busy year for Multi-Mart. We have replaced all of our main trunk lines in our water distribution system. We started right here and expanded to the north and south,” said Lee Hedegaard, MMW Board Member. Although the “Big Sky Blue” colored tank is the most outward part of the expansion, it’s the facility’s two new water pumps (1,000 gallon per minute per pump) which are the heart of the entire system. “The water tank system is the first of several major utility upgrades to be completed around the George County Industrial Park,” Ken Flanagan, Community Development Director explains. “The County and its partners are also finalizing expansion of the wastewater system, major improvements to natural gas capacity, and building a new electric substation.” Some of the major community partners on this project include: Batson & Brown Engineering, Caldwell Tank Construction, Luce Packing/MSE Railroad, Mississippi Development Authority, Mississippi Power, South Mississippi Planning Development District and Lyman Well Drilling.

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