Anyone wanting a face mask as defense against the COVID-19 coronavirus can now have one. Free.

   Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has sent enough of the KN95 face masks to George County for everyone in the county to have one, county Emergency Management Coordinator Nancy Smith told the Board of Supervisors on Monday. The masks will be given away on June 3 and June 5.

   The distribution site will be within the City of Lucedale parking lot on the corner of Ratliff Street and Summer Street behind the County Courthouse. It will be drive-thru only. Drivers are to remain in their cars. A county employee will bring the masks to the car.

   The giveaway program will begin with two separate dates of distribution, according to Smith. The first will be Wednesday afternoon, June 3, from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.. The second will be Friday morning, June 5, from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. If face mask supplies remain, additional events will be scheduled for later in the month.  

   "This is a good opportunity for all George County residents to participate in the distribution of these KN95 face masks," Smith said. "These masks are another layer of defense during this pandemic for residents and their families. The goal is to help those who have not been able to get face masks to date."

   There are a few simple guidelines for receiving the mask.

1. Must be a George County resident.

2. Must display a George County tag on your vehicle.

3. May pick up one face mask for each member of the family with a maximum of six masks per household

4. Drive-thru only. Do not exit the vehicle.

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